Monday, 12 October 2009

Are you all trying for a Section 8!?

And today, October 12th, ironically the day the U.S. Navy was formed, 2009, not the year the U.S. Navy was formed, Section 8 is born.

And you're probably asking yourself "Wait... What?", so it's only justified that I start with the introductions:

Section 8?

The term Section 8 comes from the U.S. Military, and it's a form of discharge given to people deemed mentally unfit (i.e.:"too crazy") to perform their duties. The official "Section 8" no longer exists though, but pop culture saw fit to immortalize the expression as an eternal monument to insanity. In other words, if someone uses the expression "Section 8" nowadays, it's usually to point out someone else is fucking crazy.

So... Why section 8? Are you crazy? Are you in the Military?

I'm not, nor have I ever been, in the military, no. I'm not even American. As mentioned above, I chose the name Section 8 because nowadays it implies someone is going bat shit insane, which is what I feel like regarding the assorted stuff I'm going to post about here. I also have a very close and convoluted relationship with insanity, so when I thought of the name it was a no-brainer. Am I crazy? You tell me.

Ok, but what is this about?


Ok, allow me to expand:
It's most likely imperceptive at the time I'm writing this what this place is about. Between the completely standard blog template and the lack of posts, this could be a blog entirely about sweaters for all you know... Hopefully it'll be a lot clearer in the near future. This is going to be mostly about games, usually videogames to be precise. About game design, history, culture, conception, problems, etc. Which isn't to say I won't talk about anything else... Specially remarkably stupid events I feel the need to gripe about. Or something funny...

Ultimately this will be about whatever the hell I want... It's my blog, and like every other self-entitled opinionated jerk with a messiah complex on the internet, I'll write about whatever I damn please. But expect games to be a big part of it, mostly because I love games.

And who are you?
Call me Ishmae-... Actually don't. You can call me Caliostro. No, no relationship to "Cagliostro", which I'm mentioning here due to the alarming number of times I've been asked online if I simply misspelled the name. It's appalling that people are so unnused to the concept of originality these days that they'll try to find a reference to something in anything, no matter how obscure... But let's save it for the posts.

Caliostro is the name of a character I created partially based on myself (author insertion personas! woohoo!) , but never actually developed. After growing very attached to the name I took it for myself and the rest is history. I'm a 22 (currently) year old Psychology student, former Architecture student, who loves videogames ("really...?"), art, music, good comedy, and figuring out what makes things tick. It's been my life's hobby really, deconstructing and reconstructing.

Well, I guess that about does it for things you need (or even remotely want) to know at this point. So... This is Cali, signing off.

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